Infectious diseases can arise from several causes, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens, or diseases that follow organ transplants and surgeries. With the growing number of people and diseases in the world, good care for infectious diseases is important.

Comprehensive Care for Diagnosis and Treatment

At Bronx Treatment Center, our compassionate team understands the need for prompt, thorough treatment of infectious diseases, no matter how common or rare, how mild, or severe. Our specialists create a thorough treatment plan after diagnosing your disease. Most infectious diseases are not long term and can be resolved with simple treatment.

Services We Provide

Taking care of yourself during a sickness can be exhausting and frustrating, so allow our compassionate team at Bronx Treatment Center to provide one of our many services to help aid you on the path to health and wellness. We offer the following services:

Conditions We Treat

Whether you have just returned from a trip and find yourself sick, or are dealing with something unknown that you want to get to the bottom of, our knowledgeable infectious diseases specialist can get you on the path to wellness today by providing treatments for:

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